BOLL spray wax

BOLL spray wax

It is used for polishing and maintaining all kinds of surfaces. Made on the basis of high-quality Carnauba wax and appropriately chosen blend of...

BOLL primer filling sprayBOLL primer filling spray

BOLL primer filling spray

Quick-drying acrylic primer with very good filling and anti-corrosive properties. Perfectly suited for surface preparation in varnishing works, it is...

BOLL paste for polishing manual SPEEDBOLL paste for polishing manual SPEED

BOLL paste for polishing manual SPEED

Slightly abrasive paste for polishing used to manually refresh the paint. Regenerates and maintains the surface giving it a high gloss. It can be...

BOLL thinner for acrylic products

BOLL thinner for acrylic products

A mixture of carefully selected organic solvents used to diluents acrylic products such as, for example. Clearcoats and primers filling. It enables a...

BOLL one-component polyurethane adhesive sealant

BOLL one-component polyurethane adhesive sealant

Used for making tight junctions between metal sheets, gutters, light surrounds, sunroof and other car body parts. Can be painted with all the lacquer...

BOLL prefillBOLL prefill

BOLL prefill

Can filled with an ecological gas. After adding paint of a suitable shade the spray is ready for use. Nearly every type of lacquer can be used. It...

 BOLL nitrile gloves

BOLL nitrile gloves

Powder-free nitrile gloves provide the highest quality and maximum protection against chemical and mechanical properties. Made from 100% nitrile,...

BOLL rust convertor

BOLL rust convertor

It is a product based on high-quality epoxy resins. Due to its recipe is characterized by excellent performance and anticorrosive primers. At the...

BOLL sprayable SIM Polimer sealantBOLL sprayable SIM Polimer sealant

BOLL sprayable SIM Polimer sealant

Elastic one-component sealant used to make tight all the welds and connections in car bodies, trailers, etc. Resistant to UV radiation and weather...

BOLL  adapter sponges on M14BOLL  adapter sponges on M14

BOLL adapter sponges on M14

The adapter can be fitted with a foam pad for machine polishing....


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