BOLL primer filler HS 4:1 HYBRID

BOLL primer filler HS 4:1 HYBRID

2K two component product based on acrylic resins. Thanks to its modern recipe is a perfect combination of isolating and filling properties. Primer is...

BOLL rust neutralizer 60 mlBOLL rust neutralizer 60 ml

BOLL rust neutralizer 60 ml

A product based on high quality epoxy resins. Thanks to its recipe it is characterized by excellent priming and anti-corrosive...

BOLL finish puttyBOLL finish putty

BOLL finish putty

A soft polyester putty for filling scratches and small cavities. Perfectly suitable for manual and mechanical grinding. Has great flexibility...

BOLL dry coat guide

BOLL dry coat guide

It is used to detect any imperfections in the surface of the grinding process. In a quick and easy way to locate inequalities and features that...

BOLL clearcoat  UHS 4:1

BOLL clearcoat UHS 4:1

The product of the latest generation of high solids High Solid. It has excellent flow properties, and provides maximum surface gloss. The coating is...

BOLL polishing sponge „DUO” open-celledBOLL polishing sponge „DUO” open-celled

BOLL polishing sponge „DUO” open-celled

The "DUO" Polishing sponge guarantees excellent performance and long durability in use. It is adapted to all granulations of polishing paste,...

BOLL rust convertor

BOLL rust convertor

It is a product based on high-quality epoxy resins. Due to its recipe is characterized by excellent performance and anticorrosive primers. At the...

BOLL plate diskBOLL plate disk

BOLL plate disk

It is used to remove rust, old paint coatings, maintenance and putty. It is made of hard nonwoven fabric having very good abrasive properties. Thanks...

BOLL Multi sponge 80°C

BOLL Multi sponge 80°C

Self-adhesive foam ensuring tightness of each opening part of the car body against penetrating spraying mist of the paint without visible...

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